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The Voyeur Who Approves of Richard Prince

Post image for The Voyeur Who Approves of Richard Prince


Some subjects in Richard Prince’s Instagram show don’t mind that their photos have been appropriated or that Prince makes leering comments. So says young conceptual artist Erika Blair in her Art Blog Art Blog response to my artnet News slam of the Richard Prince Instagram show at Gagosian. (She’s not actually in this show but has had her portrait turned into a canvas. She complains that while Prince indeed makes leering comments, she should not have been lumped into a group of women portrayed as, in her words, as being like a “social media damsel in distress.”

Yes, I was very aware that Prince was looking. And I enjoyed it. We have had many short conversations through Instagram comment sections…I was neither timid nor helpless when responding to his sometimes snarky comments. And I was fully aware that this could be another joke of Prince’s, concealed behind the guise that I was really “connecting” with an artist I have always admired.

Blair makes a good point. The article I wrote should have included a line that imagined more than one type of response to Prince’s comments. Some weird assumptions follow from that omission though; that I would be “dismayed” to learn that “women can be voyeuristic perverts”, that I am shocked by Prince’s mere use of Instagram.

Um, no. The point of that review was not to suggest that all women must not welcome Prince’s advances, but rather that the women in these photos don’t have their own point of views expressed. I want women to be able to express their views and desires—whatever they are—and Prince removed that. In the Instagram captions, no exchange is reproduced, just a series of random comments that end with his own.

As for Prince’s choice of medium—who cares what he chooses so long as he does something remotely interesting with it. Reproducing a bunch of portraits with his own vapid commentary isn’t that.


Author:Paddy Johnson

Not Just a “Soccer Mom,” Michelle Grabner Likes Math

Post image for Not Just a “Soccer Mom,” Michelle Grabner Likes Math

Still from

Still from “A Few Minutes With…Michelle Grabner.”

Ken Johnson has poured hot water on himself—yet again—thanks to his short review of Michelle Grabner’s exhibition at James Cohan Gallery. Her flaw? She, and her work, is too domestic to a point of being “unexamined.”

Grabner’s exhibition includes paper weavings, abstract paintings referencing digital aesthetics, and a mixed- media installation including garbage can lids, a family portrait, and wide base plinth. It’s not entirely domestic, so it’s hard to pull that idea out of the exhibition as a whole; Johnson creates that homegrown portrait by pulling from a documentary video included in the exhibition, “A Few Minutes With…Michelle Grabner,” by David Robbins. Here’s Johnson’s description of Grabner in the video:

We see Ms. Grabner picking vegetables from her backyard garden and making a pie in her beautiful kitchen. In her lovely studio in a small house, and also in her backyard, she makes art by weaving strips of colored paper in and out of parallel cuts she’s made in sheets of white paper. She explains that she started doing these “paper weavings” after her son came home with one he’d made in kindergarten, 20 years ago.

While this may be true, in the video, she also mentions finding inspiration for her paper weavings in math and philosophy. These weavings relate to a “fractal practice without end.”

All Grabner’s comments—from an emphasis on the simple beginnings of this work to her interest in systems—  are valid, and important to understanding the larger picture here. But, along with the paintings, they were omitted entirely. They just don’t fit in with Johnson’s overarching narrative that portrays the 2014 Whitney Biennial curator as a “soccer mom,” whose “bland art” would be helped out with a dose of satire.

How? Why is satire a solution to bland art? Why is art that evokes family life boring? Artists, men and women alike, have every right to make work that doesn’t abide by some bad-boy-postmodern-ironic stance. Authenticity is valid as a mode of belief. Grabner is not alone in this distinction—artists from Allan Kaprow to Sheila Hicks have created art that strives for a core belief in an art life that relates to the rest of life. Frankly, we deserve an art world that makes room for more than Johnson’s narrow vision.


Author:Corinna Kirsch

SLIDESHOW: Prospect.3 Highlights So Far

Post image for SLIDESHOW: Prospect.3 Highlights So Far

You Belong Here by

Lighted barge on the Mississippi River. “You Belong Here” by Tavares Strachan

We’ll be offering reflections on the work we’ve seen at the New Orleans Prospect.3 biennial, “Notes for Now,” in the coming days but to jumpstart the conversation we’re posting a single image from each venue we visited yesterday. Can’t wait to really dig into this.

Lu Ding

Liu Ding’s performers spent two hours in the sun yesterday outside the Ache Cultural Center, drinking and listening to music.

Hew Locke

Newcomb Gallery at Tulane University: Hew Locke, “The Nameless,” installation


Glenn Kaino, Tank, 2014, Live Corals (green star polyps, pulsing xenia, yellow polyps, acroporas, mushrooms, and sinularia), clear casts, rocks, water tanks, water aquarium system management, and lights

At the New Orleans Contemporary Art Center:  Glenn Kaino, “Tank,” 2014, Live Corals (green star polyps, pulsing xenia, yellow polyps, acroporas, mushrooms, and sinularia), clear casts, rocks, water tanks, water aquarium system management, and lights.

From the exhibition Basquiat on the Bayou, at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Jean-Michel Basquiat Natchez, "Zydeco", 1984. Acrylique et pastel gras sur toile, 218,5 x 518 cm

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art: From the exhibition “Basquiat on the Bayou,” Jean-Michel Basquiat Natchez, “Zydeco,” 1984. 



Author:Paddy Johnson and Corinna Kirsch

GIF of the Day: Tom Moody


Today’s GIF of the Day is an unplanned collaboration between artists Tom Moody, SeacrestCheadle and mrhealth. We’re on the road, so GIF commentary will be minimal. For now, we advise readers to simply enjoy the GIF.


Author:Paddy Johnson

5 Things To Do At Bellevue That Aren’t Ebola Related

5 Things To Do At Bellevue That Aren't Ebola Related

Right now Bellevue Hospital is Ebola Ground Zero. With the first reported instance of the virus in the city, the oldest operating hospital in the country is front and center. As well known as it for its medical care, the storied facility — which opened in 1736 — also has some other interesting attractions that are highly recommended (more photos in the gallery above).

Tour the Religious Area
On the second floor, there’s Chapel Hall, the section of the hospital where visitors can find a mosque, a synagogue, and three chapels. The Judeo-Christian rooms are adorned with pews and beautiful stained glass windows, all of which must remain closed so pigeons don’t imprison themselves. The Muslim space is decorated in a more minimalist theme, but does have some dope Arabic letters on the wall and at least one cool chair.

Dine at Au Bon Pain
Don’t let the notice reminding doctors to disinfect themselves before eating affect your menu choice at this fine, ubiquitous “fast-casual bakery and cafe chain.” In addition to a robust coffee selection at the Bellevue branch, there’s a nice selection of pastries and a spacious area where you can sit and enjoy your food and beverage.

Check Out the Cool Historic Stuff
As the city’s oldest hospital, Bellevue has a lot of history. The original facade of the building, encased in a glass pavilion designed in 2005 by I.M. Pei, is stunning. On the premises there are also some amazing artifacts on display like an 1898 horse-drawn ambulance, the first hospital in the U.S. to have one. And it came equipped, per the item’s description:

A box beneath the driver’s seat containing “a quart flask of brandy, two tourniquets, a half-dozen bandages, a half-dozen small sponges, some splint material, pieces of old blankets for padding, strips of various lengths with buckles, and a two-ounce vial of persulphate of iron.” Later versions added “handcuffs and straight-jackets for insane patients or patients of a demonstrative disposition.”

Next to the ambulance is a vintage drug kit. The leather “surgeon’s case” retailed for $13.50 circa 1905, and was billed as “the best quality oil-tanned sole leather medicine case…” There’s also a stylish surgeon’s cap from 1906 that would be a hit, if only ironically.

View the Art
Bellevue’s sprawling space hosts some fascinating paintings, sculptures, and other gaze-worthy objects. On the east end of the hospital stands “The Gorgeous Mosaic” by artist Simon Verity. Near the pediatrics admissions area hangs a whimsical 1973 oil-on-canvas painting titled “The Sun of the Squares of the Houses,” by Alfred Jensen. There’s also this nearly Satanic bust of an ivory white family all connected in a clump as the mother breastfeeds. Very awesome stuff.

Enjoy the Outdoors
With all the germs floating around hospitals, it’s nice to get a reprieve outside. The hospital has a serene outdoor area with seating to view the giant sculptures and potted plants — and if you really have to, sneak in a quick smoke.

(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)

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Author:Bucky Turco

Parting Shot

Parting Shot

Graffiti writers take advantage of the scaffolding to hit those hard to reach places. (Photo: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)

The post Parting Shot appeared first on ANIMAL.


Author:Aymann Ismail

Shia LaBeouf Stars In Performance Making Fun Of Himself, Is Still A Joke

Shia LaBeouf Stars In Performance Making Fun Of Himself, Is Still A Joke

It’s a technique that every bullied kid has to try at some point: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Self-deprecation makes a person more likable. When Shia LaBeouf was asked to participate in the above video that paints him as a raving homicidal lunatic, it seems he saw an opportunity to make fun himself and be more human.

Members of the Argus Quartet, the West L.A. Children’s Choir, the Gay Men’s Chorus of L.A., and several interpretive dancers have all come together to tell the story of being stalked by LaBeouf, fighting him back, and eventually decapitating him. After his decapitation, the camera pans to the real Shia, sitting in the audience violently clapping, Citizen Kane-style.

Does it make him more likable? No. Because he’s not being bullied, he insists upon putting himself at the center. He effectively says, “Look at me I’m doing something weird.” But hey, if he’s the musical theater world’s problem now, I’m all for it. Keep him out of art.

After doing riffs on Marina Abramovic, Daniel Clowes, and Man Bites Dog, now LaBeouf wants to mess with Orson Welles. I’ll let the world’s go-to expert on appropriation and professor of plagiarism Kenneth Goldsmith have the last word:

In my class… they must plagiarize well and convincingly, and I don’t think [LaBeouf] has done that so far. Quite frankly, that’s why people have been so angry with him. Had he been a better plagiarizer, a smarter plagiarizer, people actually would have been admiring of his action rather than scornful.

(Photo: Rob Cantor)

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Author:Rhett Jones

DISCOVERY: Comet Smells Like Rotten Eggs And Cat Piss

DISCOVERY: Comet Smells Like Rotten Eggs And Cat Piss

A remarkable discovery by some of the top scientists in the world has revealed that comets are basically God’s farts. Or at least, that’s what they smell like.

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta Probe is tasked with doing the space-sniffing. After coming up on the rear of the comet known as 67P, Rosetta reported that it sensed a mixture of rotten eggs, a whiff of cat pee and just a hint of bitter almonds.

The scientists have been waiting for ten years to confirm the rancid smell and were elated that the sensors were able to register it early. The molecules that produce the odor are contained in frozen water and carbon dioxide, so it was believed the comet would need to be closer to the sun before they could be cataloged.

Why are scientists smelling comets? Because comets have been flying around since the early days of the solar system and by comparing them with already known ice balls, they hope to learn about the origins of the molecules that started life on earth. If we find out that the moon smells like cheese, we will have all the data needed. (Photo: Wikipedia)

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Author:Rhett Jones

De Blasio’s Spanish Ain’t Mierda Compared to Bloomberg’s

De Blasio's Spanish Ain't Mierda Compared to Bloomberg's

The most tragic consequence of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s term ending is that we lost the best Spanish-speaking liaison this city has ever had.

Whenever a news event occurred, Bloomberg would appear on the dais, give his briefing, and then quickly read an abbreviated portion in Spanish. It was a perfect cacophony of Boston-New York accented rhythm that would somehow feel as though he spoke the entire time in Spanglish, even if he never did.

Bloomberg’s awkward, entertaining, and fascinating Spanish was enough to inspire @ElBloombito, a parody account that has personally delivered much joy. Each time New York City made national news, the entire country was often privy to a sampling of the billionaire’s sweet Spanish sounds.

On Thursday night it was current Mayor Bill de Blasio’s national debut at a turn of the language, when he appeared at a press conference about the Ebola patient.

Here’s de Blasio’s Spanish (at 3:27):

And now here is Bloomberg’s (at 0:16):


Or, instead, let Twitter. A sampling:


— Victoria Chiesa (@vrcsports) October 24, 2014



— WFANtrades (@WFANTrades) October 24, 2014

Pretty sure De Blasio just said "erecto" when trying to speak Spanish. As a result I laughed…too much. cc: @ElBloombito

— Colin (@colinxjay) October 24, 2014

So the bigger question here is…: Is De Blasio's Spanish better or worse than Bloomberg? #NYC #ebola

— REGGIEOnTheMOVE™ (@ReginaldLBarnes) October 24, 2014


I don't know who's worse, Bloomberg or Deblasio speaking in Spanish? #usetranslators

— Dafi B. (@KhadafiBB) October 24, 2014


de blasio seems to speak spanish better than @ElBloombito.

— Dennis Mersereau (@wxdam) October 24, 2014


El Bloombito was so much more amusing with the Spanish than De Blasio.

— Danny Abriano (@D_Abriano) October 24, 2014


Why are you even trying to speak Spanish, Mayor de Blasio? You'll never speak the language as beautifully as @ElBloombito. #never

— Julia Murphree (@Juliamurphree) October 24, 2014


deblasio's spanish couldn't be anymore butchered

— J. Dawson (@Dawson_JE) October 24, 2014


de Blasio's trying to speak Spanish now. He sounds stupider then Bloombito.

— Ruben Rivera (@NYRUBE) October 24, 2014

Loved de Blasio's Spanish-language pronunciation of the word Ebola, but miss @ElBloombito

— Cristina Costantini (@xtinatini) October 24, 2014


The mayor’s office didn’t return a request for comment.

(Photo: Center For American Progress/Kevin Case)

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Author:Amy K. Nelson

Legal Weed Sales In U.S. Could Grow To $35 Billion By 2020

Legal Weed Sales In U.S. Could Grow To $35 Billion By 2020

According to a new study (PDF) by a “research and advisory firm serving the burgeoning marijuana industry,” revenue from legal weed sales has the potential to hit $35 billion in six years. But there is a caveat: Americans would have to finally grow up and adopt a more mature policy concerning pot nationwide. For this economic boom equation to work, it requires the taxation and regulation of cannabis — just like we currently do booze/tobacco — in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As impossible as that task seems, its been done before. (Image: Huffington Post)

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Author:Bucky Turco

Here’s A Pocket-Sized Drone

Here's A Pocket-Sized Drone

CyPhy’s new Pocket Flyer hexacopter-drone fits in a pocket, weighs less than three ounces (about as much as a Kiwi fruit) is un-jammable, remote hack-proof, yet can fly for two hours AND deliver HD video. What’s its secret? A 250-foot string of micro-filament, thinner than fishing line, that keeps it powered much longer than its battery constrained counterparts.

CyPhy is part of the US Air Force’s Rapid Innovation Fund, which is designed to use the flexibility of small businesses to come up with battlefield solutions quickly. CEO Helen Greiner was explained by behind the tether, saying, “That’s about enough time to go into a building and find a person, and then ‘Oh, our robot went dead.’ ” This means soldiers can take their time searching a building, or look for deadly Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

I eagerly await the civilian version invading our world, getting tangled in my hair, and strangling me with the micro-filament. (Photo: CyPhy Works)

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Author:Peter Yeh

Have A Good Weekend: Horror Movies, 24-hour Art and CMJ Shows

Have A Good Weekend: Horror Movies, 24-hour Art and CMJ Shows

Here are some art, film, music and other things happening in NYC so you can Have a Good Weekend. Drop your suggestions in the comments or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

FRIDAY 64°F LOW 48°F  8-8-13partly-sunny

In theaters: Chinese gangster movie Revenge of The Green Dragons, Keanu Reeves shoots a bunch of stuff in John Wick and Edward Snowden doc Citizenfour which we highly recommend.

Twin Peaks, Single Mothers, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die at Baby’s All Right (noon, free, Brooklyn)

Campers Rule 2014 CMJ Showcase at The Flat (7pm, $7, Brooklyn)

Blood Feast at Anthology Film Archives (7:15pm, $10, Manhattan)

Cannibal Holocaust at Landmark Sunshine (midnight, $13.50, Manhattan)

SATURDAY 66°F LOW 54°F  8-8-13sun-slow

24 hours of obscure Horror Movies at Spectacle (noon, $25/day or $5/movie, Brooklyn)

Titus Andronicus, Fat White Family, White Fence, Beverly, Bo Ningen, Girlpool, Flowers, Bully, Residual Kid at Baby’s All Right (noon, free, Brooklyn)

The Love Supreme, SPLASHH, Ski Lodge, Future Punx, Native America, Little Racer, Orchestra Of Spheres, Roman à Clef, It’s BirdDog @ CMJ at Pianos (7pm, $10, Manhattan)

24 hour performance, Digital Shaman Lab at Panoply Performance Lab (8pm, free, Brooklyn)

Premiere of NYC native, low-budget horror film Lake Nowhere at Cinema Village (11:15pm, $10, Manhattan)

SUNDAY 61°F LOW 46°F8-8-13sun-slow

Fall Open House and Art Party at MOMA PS1 (noon, free, Queens)

Reading with Marie Karlberg, Andrew Durbin, Cecilia Corrigan, Lucy Ives, Sarah Nicole Prickett at Capricious 88 (6pm, free, Manhattan)

SBTRKT, GoldLink at Terminal 5 (8pm, $28, Manhattan)

(Image: The Strange Color of Your Tears)

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Author:Rhett Jones

New Exhibit Shows The Gowanus Canal Is So Toxic That It Looks Like Art

New Exhibit Shows The Gowanus Canal Is So Toxic That It Looks Like Art

Where people have found sick dolphins, dead bodies, and sewage in Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, one photographer has found Impressionist art. Award-winning photographer Steven Hirsch noticed the canal, one of America’s most polluted waterways, is as colorful as a Monet painting. This winter, you’ll be able to see his 25 stunning images of the Canal-as-art on display in a solo exhibition.


“Gowanus: Off the Water’s Surface,” Steven Hirsch, Nov 12 – Dec 1, Lilac Gallery New York

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Author:Prachi Gupta

Watch Subway Performers Use Wi-Fi To Create A City-Wide Orchestra

Watch Subway Performers Use Wi-Fi To Create A City-Wide Orchestra

What if you could transform a single subway performance into a city-wide orchestra? That’s what producer Anita Anthonj and director Chris Shimojima succeeded in doing in their short film Signal Strength (embedded above), which used Wi-Fi to connect performers across nine different stops in New York City.

On a sunny September morning, 11 performers were set up with smartphones, using the city’s Wi-Fi to stream through to laptops facing composer Ljova in Bryant Park. Ljova, who wrote an original composition for the event, then conducted the makeshift band through the laptops. The diverse group of performers included a cellist, beatboxer, djembe and shekere players, a thereminist, and others (see the full list here).

The result is an impressive showcase of New York’s diversity, talent, and creativity. Let’s see the NYPD try to shut that down(Photo: Chris Shimojima’s YouTube Channel)

The post Watch Subway Performers Use Wi-Fi To Create A City-Wide Orchestra appeared first on ANIMAL.


Author:Prachi Gupta

Man With Hatchet Attacks Cops, Is Shot Dead

Man With Hatchet Attacks Cops, Is Shot Dead

At 2PM yesterday, a man wielding a hatchet attacked four rookie cops yesterday in Queens and was shot dead. The group of recent academy graduates were huddled for a photo in front of a freelance photographer on Jamaica Avenue when Zale Thompson, 32, charged at them swinging a hatchet, striking one officer in the arm and another in the head in an unprovoked attack.

The two uninjured officers drew their weapons and fired 19 rounds, killing Thompson and striking an innocent female bystander half a block away. One of the officers is said to be in critical condition.

While no motive is certain the BBC says that he has made many statements online related to jihad:

The SITE monitoring group said he had posted statements on YouTube and Facebook that “display a hyper-racial focus in both religious and historical contexts, and ultimately hint at his extremist leanings”.

SITE, which monitors radical Islamist groups, said a post by him in September had described jihad as “a justifiable response to the oppression of the Zionists and the Crusaders.”

After last year’s machete attack on a soldier in London, the recent ambush of a military officer in Canada, and a string of ISIS beheading videos, the NYPD has instructed officers to be on high-alert.

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Author:Rhett Jones

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